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Forged Steel Apple Tree


Design Build


Drafting, Forging, Fabricating, Architectural Design/ Working Design, Hammered Steel


6 months

This project consisted of three distinct stages. The first was the Forged Gates and Fencing, the second was the Forged Hand and Guardrails with vines and the third was the Hand Forged Apple Tree. We started with a blank slate and came up with several different designs and eventually agreed on the grand arch with copper keystone motif.

The design includes a double swing gate complete with hammered panels, forged vines, grape clusters and elegant gate pulls. The final piece of the themed project was a copper leafed tree for the front yard. We used a hand-picked 2000lbs rundle stone as the base and foundation for the intricate root system and the ensuing hand forged tree. Amongst the forged iron branches are over 600 copper plated leaves and 6 hand forged red apples.

Project Photo Gallery